Fighting together for species protection

We are experiencing the greatest loss of species since the extinction of dinosaurs. Humans have caused it and only humans can stop it.

Our work

Lemur, Madagascar
Lemur, Madagascar

The BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION has taken on the task of raising awareness about the causes and dangers of extinction. At the same time we want to highlight possible countermeasures. The heart of our work is presenting scientific findings about the development of biodiversity, in an understandable form, to as many people as possible.

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Special edition of the magazine DB mobil23.10.2018

The november issue of the magazine db mobil is a special edition to feature the significance of bio diversity on earth. Dirk Steffens, one of the founder of BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION explains the causes and backgrounds.

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Dirk Steffens
Dirk Steffens

Our planet is divers

Dirk Steffens about the careless handling of nature.

Our projects

In 2018 we launched the international campaign #6 - Fighting Extinction to raise awareness about the global extinction of species. We have tasked Doclights GmbH with producing the campaign. #6 is supported by the WWF, the Senckenberg Forschungsgesellschaft, different companies as well as committed people all over the world.

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The BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION projects are funded by your donations. Thank you for your support!

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