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Grow your Rainforest Giant

Growing lost rainforest giants

The rainforests of the Amazon basin are the lungs of our Earth. We all depend on them. They stabilize our climate, regulate water cycles, and are home to countless species of animals and plants. All of this is of central importance for our survival, no matter where we live and what we do.

Slash-and-burn agriculture
Slash-and-burn agriculture
Urubamba Valley
Urubamba Valley
Growing saplings
Growing saplings
Planting saplings
Planting saplings
Monitoring of the planted trees
Monitoring of the planted trees
Highly diverse agroforestry systems
Highly diverse agroforestry systems
from left to right: Dr. Frauke Fischer, Dr. Arno Wielgloss, Miriam Álvarez Callo
from left to right: Dr. Frauke Fischer, Dr. Arno Wielgloss, Miriam Álvarez Callo

However, the rainforests of the Amazon basin are still under significant threat. Unsustainable logging, slash-and-burn agriculture, and the cultivation of monocultures destroy millions of hectares of forest every year.

To address the ongoing destruction of the rainforest, we have launched the "Rainforest Giants" initiative. A sustainable reforestation project in the Peruvian rainforest, dedicated to long-term climate and biodiversity protection.

And you can help us. Buy a tree certificate and plant your own Rainforest Giant! A link to donate can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Project:

Deep in the Peruvian rainforest lies the Urubamba Valley, home to countless species of animals and plants, and the location of our reforestation project. In recent decades, large areas of the original rainforest have been destroyed by deforestation and slash-and-burn practices, causing many of the rainforest's native tree species to disappear. Through our reforestation project, we are reintroducing lost rainforest species, filling in gaps in the rainforest, creating wildlife corridors and providing long-term, sustainable protection for climate and biodiversity.

However, successful and long-term reforestation is not just about planting trees. Turning saplings into rainforest giants requires on-the-ground care, specialised knowledge and collaboration with local smallholder farmers. That's why our project is designed to be holistic and sustainable. Curious to learn more?

From Sapling to rainforest giant:

Growing our Rainforest Giants begins with selecting the right tree species. In our project, we reforest only with native trees that have had difficulty reproducing due to excessive logging or clear-cutting. Finding sufficient seed from these trees is not an easy task and requires a great deal of time and care.

The seedlings are grown in our local nurseries. Working closely with local smallholders is essential to the care of our trees. They act as the 'guardians' of our saplings, carefully watering and caring for them, as well as maintaining the water pipes and shade structures in the nurseries.

At the start of the rainy season, around November, the grown saplings are transported to their planting sites. These sites are carefully selected. To ensure the long-term survival of the trees, we only plant seedlings on land owned by local smallholders. This ensures that our rainforest giants are protected from slash-and-burn and can grow into mature rainforest trees.

Once planted, the trees are GPS-referenced so we can monitor their progress. Hower, planting the seedlings is not the end of our work. During the critical first four years of their lives, we nurture and support the young trees, replacing any losses due to pests or extreme weather events with additional seedlings.

This process transforms degraded and deforested areas into highly diverse agroforestry systems in the long term.

What sets our project apart:

The reforestation project is scientifically managed by Dr. Frauke Fischer, a tropical expert and one of Germany's most renowned biodiversity experts, and Dr. Arno Wielgoss, a tropical agroecologist and reforestation expert. Together, they have more than 20 years of successful reforestation experience and personally oversee the project on site. With their company PERÚ PURO, founded in 2015, they also support Peruvian smallholders in the ecological and fair cultivation of organic cocoa.

our goal and your contribution :

With your help, we aim to plant and nurture 10,000 seedlings every year. With a donation of just 35 €, you can plant a future rainforest tree and ensure its long-term growth. As a supporter, you will receive a digital certificate with a QR code and GPS data of the area where your seedling was planted.

Be part of our initiative and make a meaningful and personal contribution to rainforest conservation!


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